The hitchhiker

Arrived in Bay of islands Sunday 27th, still hungover after an underground metal night in Auckland, went to the release party of Setentias new album. The total opposite of Dvbbs at Hakkasan in Vegas. Amazing contrasts and an awesome night!

Got my Poste Restante stuff separated from my hiking gear and went for a whole rack of ribs. Just managed a half rack and brought the other half for breakfast.

After having ribs for breakfast I handed over my last remnants of civilization to Poste Restante and set out to find a hitch to Cape Reinga. First hitch of my life and feeling a bit awkward about it, sitting by the road with a white pizza cardboard stating 'CAPE REINGA' with black permanent marker filled as good as I managed. 20 minutes in a brand new Toyota Corolla stopped, I thought the ones picked up hitchhikers were stoned people with trucks and doubtable morale. In this case though, it was a danish couple called Niels and Rikke and it turned out to be the first time they picked up a hitchhiker as well. Double premiere!

Niels and Rikke were super nice and they had spent their last 9 years in Greenland! A place a definitely need to visit. And now they're travelling around the entire world for 10 months. Totally cool. They were also heading the whole way to Cape Reinga, 220km in the same way as me. I guess I'd call it a lucky shot! And perhaps the first trail angels I met, even without them knowing it. The last stretch towards the Cape, they played Coldplay - Adventure of a lifetime, and cheesy as it is, we agreed the song was kind of appropriate for the moment. 

Rikke, happy hiker and Niels at Cape Reinga  

Rikke, happy hiker and Niels at Cape Reinga  

We ended up in Cape Reinga on a partly cloudy, partly sunny afternoon and I started my hike towards Bluff at 14:30, Monday 2016-11-28.