Party time

This post takes place between March 24th and April 8th.

Met up with hikers Spencer, Sheida, Bart, Jen and Alex in the tiny village Methven, that owes its existence thanks to the ski resort Big hill. If it is not ski season, Methven is a sleepy hollow.

Anyway, Spencers 30th birthday party coming up and DJ Powerhouse helped threw the dance floor down at the local pub. Good night with a lot of fun helped the pendulum swing back up from the dip. Hiked with the party crew for a couple of weeks. Spending my 30th birthday in Wanaka with them and 10 other hikers, awesome night. Even the chef at the burger joint we went to for dinner joined up and showed us Wanaka. 

We had a hard time getting out of Wanaka. Planned to do Roys peak one day and then continue on to the trail, but we got stuck on the lakefront playing volleyball and consuming the remains of my birthday gin. Not especially hiker hyped after that. So we went back to town for another night of dancing.

These weeks on trail gave us a couple of beautiful views of the Southern alps and other gorgeous mountains / glacier valleys.


Hiker imitating sign

Hiker imitating sign